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Walbottle Summer 2014

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Sunshine, Lollipops, Rainbows and Teachmeet

Walbottle Summer Teachmeet 2014


We all want our students' learning to be lively, collaborative and fun! At the same time we want to stretch and support them to achieve their potential. Join us to celebrate a superb range of exciting and engaging teaching and learning ideas and to hear how they are used to drive forward learning at Walbottle.


Every single teacher will have a gem of an idea worth sharing so please get in touch if you are interested in delivering either a formal or an informal presentation. 


A TeachMeet is an informal gathering of like-minded teachers coming together to present and learn from one another's classroom practice, including practical innovations and personal insights in teaching. This is one of the best, informal CPD sessions you will ever attend and you will leave with brilliant, ideas that you can take into your classes the very next day. TeachMeet events are open to all and do not charge an entry fee. For further information on TeachMeets watch this video. This Teachmeet is open to all teachers in the North East, both primary and secondary.





You can see what's being said on Twitter about this TeachMeet by following the #TMwalbottle hashtag.



Tuesday 17th June 2014



Walbottle Campus

Hexham Road

Newcastle upon Tyne

NE15 9TP



4:30- 6:30

Stroll down the 'street' and browse our market stall presentations gathering resources and ideas for your goody bag!


5:00- 5 minute micro presentations in the Science Learning Hub


5:30- Refreshments in the staff room and market stalls


6:15- Final presentation and close in the Science Learning Hub





Windows Laptop

Large Screen Projector

Live twitter feed update: use #TMwalbottle

WiFi for presenters

Light buffet and drinks



Cherry Crooks cherry.crooks@walbottlecampus.newcastle.sch.uk


Teaching and Learning Market stalls

  1. Rebecca Pallas Gill (Walbottle)- Whats the Hype? SKYPE! 
  2. Vanessa Hewitson (Walbottle)- Unchain My Art (part 2)
  3. Helen Jordan and Caroline Rayner (Walbottle)- Embedding Literacy
  4. Leah Adams (Walbottle)- Bringing Books to Life
  5. Louise Shaw and Steph Humble (Walbottle)- How is Kagan Like Marmite?
  6. Kelly Henderson (Walbottle)- Strategy Smorgasbord
  7. Karen Rose (Walbottle)- Leap for Literacy 
  8.  Heidi Laycock (Walbottle) - I really mustache...
  9. Claire Leeson (Walbottle)-  Here's One I Made Earlier!
  10. Paul Miller (Newcastle University / VEO)- Improved Practice at Your Fingertips!
  11. Laura Oxley and Amy Nichols (Walbottle)- How Many Teachers Does it Take to do PBL? 
  12. L4T gang! (5) (Walbottle)- Learning for Teaching

Alex Wood, Mel Armstrong, Emily Batey, Rebecca Pace, Jackie Wighton




5 Minute Micro Presentations 


  1. Kirsty Mackay (Walbottle)-  Getting the Buggers Engaged
  2. Sarah Hindhaugh (Walbottle)- Video Killed the Revision Lesson
  3. Claire Mooney (Walbottle)- Unlock your love for literacy – alphabet soup style!
  4. Laura Oxley and Amy Nichols (Walbottle)- How Many Teachers Does it Take to do PBL?
  5. Paul Miller (Newcastle University / VEO)- Improved Practice at Your Fingertips!
  6. Paul Sampson (Walbottle)- An Ethic of Excellence




Enthusiastic Lurkers

If you don't want to present but you'd like to come along for some networking and ideas, please sign up below!

  1. Graeme Porter @graemeporter (Walbottle) 

  2. Stephanie Blakie (Manor)

  3. Emma Thompson @ELongbotham (Walbottle) 

  4. Jodie Urwin @jodes_21 (Walbottle) 

  5. Sarah Knutsen (Walbottle)

  6. Judith Dodds (Walbottle)

  7. Kay Walker (Walbottle)

  8.  Dorothy Boyle (Wellfield Community School) 

  9. Catherine Reading (Durham Uni)

  10. Anita Foster (School Grounds Northeast) 

  11. Andrew Winterbottom (Walbottle Campus) 

  12. Jane Sweeney (Walbottle) 

  13. Christine Morrissey (Walbottle)

  14. Eileen Armstrong (CLV) 

  15. John Short (Whitburn Church of England Academy)

  16. Fraser Sharp (Walbottle Campus)  

  17. Clare Mann (Walbottle)

  18. Gordon Grier (ponteland high)

  19. Deborah Grier (Valley Gardens Middle School)

  20. Karen Ferguson (Valley Gardens Middle School)

  21. Emma Campbell (Valley Gardens Middle School) 

  22. Jana Landkamerova (Excelsior)

  23. Radafina Nedyalkova (Excelsior)

  24. Rachel Cooper (Excelsior)

  25. Rachel Storey (Excelsior)

  26. Caroline Weites  (Walbottle)

  27. Caroline Rayner  (Walbottle)

  28. Jan Flint  (Walbottle)

  29. Michael Davison (Excelsior) 

  30. Joanne Twizell (Valley Gardens Middle School)

  31. Laura Jackson (@mrsjacksonmusic) Belmont Community School

  32. Lee Ferris (@BelmontMFL) Belmont Community School 

  33.  Sam Bulmer (@Engteach88) Belmont Community School

  34.  Veronica Waldie- Belmont Community School 

  35.   Sarah Vickers (Valley Gardens Middle School)

  36.  Nicola Robets (Belmont Community School)

  37.  Rachel Moat (Excelsior)

  38.  Vicky Baggaley (Excelsior)

  39.  Maxine Thwaites( Excelsior)

  40.  Julie Ryder (@JulieRyder2) Belmont Community School

  41.   Katie Mitchell (Walbottle)

  42.  John Bowers (Walker)

  43.  Graeme Thursby (Walker)

  44.  Sandie McGee  (Walbottle)

  45.   Alison Lonie (Walbottle)

  46.  Becca Bennett (GSHS)

  47.  Adele Rigby (GSHS)

  48.  Jac Ward-Graham (Walbottle)

  49.   Sam Miller (Walbottle)

  50.  Cary Sawbridge (Walbottle)

  51.  Jo Soulsby (GSHS)

  52.   Ashley Carey (NCC)

  53.  Kate Frame (GSHS)

  54.  Claire Brown (Walbottle)

  55. Danielle Wetherall (Walker)

  56.  Lindsey Orrick (Walker)

  57. Angharad Watson (Excelsior)

  58.  Paula McDonald (Excelsior) 

  59. Rebecca Clephan (St Johns)

  60. Nicola Mortimer-White @MortimerNic (Bishop Auckland College)

  61. Elisa Hayden (Trainee- Shotton Hall Academy)

  62. Jillian Duffy (Walbottle)

  63. Linda Marsden (Walbottle)

  64. Emma Craig (Newc Uni)

  65. Georgina Lewis (Newc Uni)

  66.  Rebecca Campbell (Walbottle)

  67. Katherine Askham (Excelsior)

  68. Laura Patton (Newc Uni)

  69. Toni Weller (Carmel)

  70.  Rachael Hardcastle (Carmel) 

  71. Laura Bell (Ncl uni/CLV)

  72. Burhana Islam (Ncl uni/CLV)

  73. Oliver Russell (Sunderland University)

  74. Daniel Lynch (Funderland University)

  75. Wendy Mitcheson (NTLT)

  76. Victoria Richley (St Wilfrid's College)

  77. Tom Bowman (Durham Johnston)

  78. Sam Boland (Hermitage Academy)

  79. Abbey Foreman (Hermitage Academy)

  80. Lucy Popeski (Newcastle Uni)

  81. Jill Harper-Hill

  82. Rebecca Bishop (Whitburn Church of England Academy)

  83. Kerry Tait (Walbottle) 

  84. Katie Reynolds  

  85. Catherine McCullaugh (Excelsior Academy)

  86. Phylis Carlise (Excelsior Academy) 

  87. Louise James (Walbottle) 

  88. Stacey Yeomans (Walbottle) 

  89. Rebecca Harle (Walbottle) 

  90. Darren Glover (Walbottle) 

  91. Jenna Wilkinson (Walbottle) 

  92. Ian Swan (Walbottle) 

  93. Katheryn Occleshaw (Walbottle) 

  94. Kate Rosedale (Kenton)

  95. Angela Brady  (Kenton)

  96. Peter Curran ( Gosforth Middle)

  97. Nigel Hearn (Gosforth middle) 

  98. Amanda Frankish (Walbottle) 

  99. Andrew McCaffery (Walbottle) 

  100. Lyndsey Warren (Kenton) 

  101. James Hulse (Kenton) 

  102. Daniel Gibb 

 Limited to 100 places.



Link to school location and directions.


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