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TeachMeet Collaborate Park High School

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This teachmeet, a collaboration between Park High, Canons High and Bentley Wood schools in Harrow, has twin aims:


  1. To share experiences of effective collaborative working. Contributors will give eight minute presentations to explain the ideas behind their collaborative working, their actions, the results and the impact upon their students, staff and schools. 
  2. To bring teachers, departments and schools together in new collaborative ventures. Contributors will have five minutes in which to pitch ideas behind a proposed collaboration, explain suggested actions and identify intended outcomes and impact to the audience.


We will start by thinking about factors that contribute to successful collaborations. This will help potential projects within the room identify ways in which their future collaborations can be research-rich, methodologically sound and demonstrably effective. To that end, we are very happy to welcome Matt Innis, Subject Leader for History and Economics teacher at Paddington Academy (Wetminster), who will talk about his own collaborations, notably with NFER; United Learning and NFER have developed and managed a research project jointly to investigate diferent approaches Unitd Learning schools have to using evidence to inform their teaching practice. Matt will talk about some of the benefits and challenges of working together.


At the end of the presentations, there will be an opportunity for all attendees to meet with those giving presentations to find out more about their past collaborative ventures or an opportunity to meet with those giving pitches and make connections that will lead to future collaborative projects between schools.


A biannual event, it is our hope that ideas pitched at the first Teachmeet Collaborate will lead to successful cross-school collaborative work that will become presentations at future events hosted by our three schools. In this manner we believe that TMCollaborate can generate a virtuous circle of school-to-school collaborative networks that enrich the professional capital of those working in our schools.


As TMCollaborate has pedagogy at its heart, possible areas of focus might include collaboration in areas such as curriculum planning, questioning for analysis, marking and feedback strategies.


We hope you can join us on Monday 14th July and that it is the start of some great collaborative journeys.


If you want to chat about any of this, contact Helene Galdin-O'Shea @hgaldinoshea (hgaldinoshea@gmail.com) , Keven Bartle @kevbartle (kbartle@me.com) or Debbie Ferrer @debsgf (DFerrer@bentleywood.harrow.sch.uk).



Park High School
Thistlecroft Gardens






Collaboration Presentations (Present as a group if possible or be the spokesperson for your group) [8 minutes]


1.  Dasha Dakhno-Cogger and Doug Walker - Thoughts so far on Assessment Beyond Levels (Park High School)

2.  Gaye Kassir - Does our safeguarding practice support the academic progress of our students? (enquiry findings) (Park High school)

3. Richard Donnelly - The challenges and outcomes of a cross-curricular enquiry - History, Geography, Art

4. Karmela Anderson - Maximising Learning in Cover Lessons, reporting on work done - Bentley Wood High School 

5. Riddhi Vyas - International Learning - what's happened so far and what's next - Bentley Wood High School

6. Alice Swain and Harshini Selvendran - Cross-Curricular work between English ad Maths -Canons High School

7. Dhana Gorasia and Mary Campbell - Parent Partnership evenings - Canons High School



Collaboration Pitches (Could be presented as an embryonic group) [6 minutes]


1. Caroline Morrison -Bentley Wood - ideas for helping new arrivals with EAL

2. Sormeh Nikourazm - A collaboration project linking positive parental links and robust safeguarding- Bentley Wood High School

3. John Flannagan - collaborative homework project - Bentley Wood High School

4. Laura Markey & Athena Pitsillis -  Moving away from NC levels - Canons High School

5. Jude Enright, Carl Hendrick, Helene Galdin-O'Shea - Research: how can we use it, not abuse it? (Finding ways to share our work from classrooms to ivory towers and back, to make our schools and classrooms better)


Audience members:


1. Gaye Kassir - Park High School

2. Roisin Walsh - Park High School

3. Mel Aberson @TeacherTweaks

4. Mine Bayar - Park High School

5. Smita Dighe - Park High School

6. Jennifer Jerred - Drayton Manor High School

7. Laura Graham - Drayton Manor High School

8.  Jessica Hirani - Drayton Manor High School

9. Uzma Ali- Drayton Manor High School

10. Louise Cavanagh - Whitefield School

11. Simon Nussbaum - Bentley Wood High School

12. Emlyn Lumley - Park High School

13. Lisa Arsenieva - Park High School

14. Ian Sudbery - Queens School

15. Lucy Sudbery - Francis Combe Academy

16. Deborah Warwick - Francis Combe Academy

17. Elizabeth Fox - Francis Combe Academy

18. Frances Martin - Francis Combe Academy

19. Steve McShannon - Francis Combe Academy

20. Andy Mirkovic - Francis Combe Academy

21. Claire Bannon - Bentley Wood High School

22. Louise Jeffs - Hatch End High School

23. Janice Howkins - Bentley Wood High School

24. Teresa Halpin - Park High School

25. Ashwina Gohil - Hatch End High school

26. Renata Joseph - Canons High school

27. Catherine Toms - Featherstone High School

28. Clare Benton - Greenford High School

29. Tim Jones - Hatch End High School

30. Vanessa Lee - Park High School

31. Kim Day-Haynes - Park High School

32.  Rebecca Howard - Canons High School

33. Lucy Allen - Park High School

34. Aimee Lyall - Park High school

35. Sarah Anwar - Drayton Manor High School

36. Richard Fowler - Park High School

37. Debbie Lunan - Park High School

38. Rebecca Howard - Canons High School

39. Steve Jackman - William Ellis

40. Allan Williamson - London Academy

41. Megan Hubbard - Canons High school











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