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 #TMReading will be held at Waingels College on Wednesday 5th November 2014.

Please come along to share and learn on the theme of "How do you inspire your learners".

We would like presentations to appeal to the widest audience possible so nothing too subject specific please! 


Tea and coffee from 4.30pm.

Please bring some change to purchase cakes from our Venture Force Teams to accompany your tea/coffee. Wine raffle also available!

5pm presentations start.


Event curated by Danielle Kohlman and Hannah Tyreman.


Feel free to get in touch via Twitter with any questions.


What is a TeachMeet?


A TeachMeet is an informal gathering of teachers and education professionals that come together to share experiences in the classroom. You may volunteer to share a presentation on the theme "How do you inspire your learners", or simply attend as an enthusiastic lurker, absorbing the presentations. The presentations are short and sweet, either 2 or 7 minutes and should be applicable across the curriculum and age range. Hopefully you will leave inspired, having formed new connections with teachers from schools across the area and, most importantly, full of cake.


Twitter & Tags

When you are mentioning TeachMeet Reading whilst using Twitter please just add #TMReading somewhere in the tweet - that way it will be picked up by a Twitter search. 


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Seven minute micro-presentations: Name-email/twitter-Topic


1. Hannah Tyreman @hannahtyreman- Do I inspire my learners?

2. Danielle Kohlman @kohlmand - Magpie and try

3. Sally Richardson- Waingels College- Inspiring students through making

4. Danielle Ayre- Cox Green @danslouayre- TBC

5. Lindsay Browning @educatingmiss- Preston Manor School- What colour is DIRT?

6. Rachel George- @rachi_poodle- Reading College- #inspire - you, me, them, us?



Two minute nano-presentations: Name-email/twitter-Topic


1. Lizzie Fellows-Freeman-Waingels College- Truth and lies

2. Alex Warner- Reading College- @EducationAlex - BPL

3. Hannah Blyth - Waingels College- Jigsaw

4. Richard Duckett- Reading College- Out of the classroom

5. James Kieft- Reading College- Top Tech Tools




Enthusiastic Lurkers: Name-School-email/twitter


1. Helen Davies - Waingels College - davieshv@gmail.com - @musicmissdavies

2. Jennie Leslie- j_leslie@hotmail.co.uk

3. Cheryl Pennington- Reading College

4. Stephen Whiting- Reading College

5. Lauren Brennan- Waingels College

6. Bec James- Waingels College

7. Mark Gould- Waingels College

8. Liz Skelton- Waingels College

9. Sally Richardson-Waingels College

10. Maggie Wray- Waingels College

11. Sarah Julian- Waingels College

12. Joe Wang- Reading College

13. Samantha Samson- Waingels College

14. Eve O'Reilly- The Bulmershe School

15. Amanda Hulse- Ranelagh School

16. Paul Emberlin- Reading College

17. Enda McBrien- Reading College

18. Bridget James- Reading College

19. Noel Wood- Reading College

20. Sue McCavish- Prospect School

21. Sarah-Louise- UTC Reading

22. Joanne Clarke, @Shampoozil, Downe House

23. Lucy Spencer, @MissSpencerDT, Highdown School

24. Blossom Lane, Highdown School

25. Samantha Barnes, 

26. Sarah Lound, Fernhill School

27. Hannah Venning, Oxford PGCE

28. Micheal , Oxford PGCE

29. Fiona Fairhead, OU PGCE

30. Elliot Ammar, Waingels College

31. Ellie Atkins, Reading College

32. Steph Moakes, Reading College

33. Tom Ford, Reading Rep









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