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Teachmeet ConnectED Selbourne

Page history last edited by Naomi Ward 5 years, 10 months ago

The Venue:

Gilbert White's House and the Oates Museum, High Street, Selbourne, Hampshire, GU34 3JH

Find directions here



Naomi Ward: @naomi7444, naomijw7444@gmail.com

Martyn Reah: @martynreah, martynreah@gmail.com







DIRECTIONS: Please make your way to the FIELD STUDIES CENTRE, NOT THE HOUSE / MUSEUM.  There is ample parking in the free National Trust Car Park behind 'The Selbourne Arms.'  The Field Studies Centre is right at the back of the car park.  I will do my best to make it obvious with signs, lights and people.  See you on Wednesday!


Teachmeet ConnectED is back again after that quite magical summer's evening at Butser Ancient Farm.  We have chosen this second venue which is a museum, former home of the influential naturalist Gilbert White, and finally, it encompasses an active field studies centre run by a passionate education team.


We hope to bring together educationalists who will work together in the future. We will also hear about projects which started as a result of our first event in July.  For example, we will hear about a collaboration with the South Downs Education Team and Eggar's School to raise achievement in English and Maths through outdoor learning.


Please come!  It promises to be a special evening. 



5.00 pm - tea and cake

5.15pm - hands on activities

5.30pm - presentations

6.15pm - workshops

6.45 ish - raffle

7.00 pm - teach-eat


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5-7 minute presentations

1. Chris Michael - Outdoor Learning to improve achievement in English and Maths / Supported by Sisra Analytics

2. Chris Chivers - Learning through experience @chrischivers2

3. Suzannah Tonks - Residential intervention to support success in English at GCSE (via @taniaf77)

4. Catherine King - 'Into Film'

5. Rachel Jones @rlj1981 - Fun Tech Things to have a tinker with

6. David Brown - 40 creative writing ideas from Christmas films dbrown@greenfield.surrey.sch.uk



2 minute presentations

1. Jonathon Brown - NatWest Bank - Young Enterprise challenge @jonathon_jb Alison Collington Alison.Collington@y-e.org.uk

2. Becky Hey - Road Safety partnership working

3. Jo Debens

4. Scott Charlesworth - Bedales - TBC@

5. Sonia Joao - Wunderkind Research - Young People and their Digital Lives


Everyone else

1. Naomi Ward @naomi7444

2. Alice Harlan @bushquaker

3. Hayley McLaren @macca2222

4. Rachel Jones @rlj1981 

5. Jo Debens @geodebs - happy to present if needed

6. Chris Legg @eggarscomputing

7. Laura Stevenson @Laurajemimablue @eggarsenglish

8. Polly - English Heritage

9. Ruth Colenso - rcolenso@petersfieldschool.com     TPS

10. Sarah White - AQA

11 .Karen Keenan K.Keenan@greatham.hants.sch.uk

12. Emily Cox (Eggar's School) @eacoxx

13. Liz Barnes-Downing  eco-footprint@hotmail.co.uk

14. Catherine Murphy - Petersfield Tutors

15. Kay Topping @haslemeremuseum (very happy to do talk/workshop if wanted but ditto Rachel's comments!)

16. Nigel Wright - Bohunt School - @njw499

17. Natalie Love (Eggar's school) @NatalieLoveMath

18. Gary Green - Bohunt School

19. Sue Shellard - Bohunt School

20. Naomi Thomson - Bohunt School

21. Sonia Joao and Leanne Lyons - 'Wunderkind Research'

22. Rebecca Higgs @MissRHiggs rhiggs@bohunt.hants.sch.uk

23. Vicki Godby- Woodlands Education Centre 

24. Stephan Caspar - University of Southampton @dotsandspaces @iliadsoton

25. Jon Brown NatWest @jonathon_jb

26. Kelly Holdway kholdwa1@yahoo.co.uk

27. Jo Axford - Perins School - axford@perins.hants.sch.uk

28. Jess Hocking - Eggar's School @tweetinghock

29. Louise Wood - Eggar's School

30. Debbie Young - Cranbourne Business and Enterprise College - d.young@cranbourne.hants.sch.uk

31. Vicki Phin - Cranbourne Business and Enterprise College - v.phin@cranbourne.hants.sch.uk

33. Chris Michael - Eggar's School

34. Martyn Reah - @martynreah Eggar's School

35. Stacey Edmonds staceyedmonds@hotmail.com

36. James Cullis - Iris Connect

37. Jane Piper - Bedales

38. Lauren Knowler - lauren.knowler@swanmore-sec.hants.sch.uk

39. Jodie Francis-Brown @MissJFrancis

40. Mollie Butters - Field Farm Barn Project

41. Sarah Thompson - Brookfield 

42. Magali Nicol - m.nicol@amesburyschool.co.uk

43. Nichola Gotel - ngotel@bedales.org.uk

44. Mea Wade - mwade@bedales.org.uk

45. Andy Wiggins - awiggins@bedales.org.uk

46. Kathy Misson - kmisson@bedales.org.uk

47. Becky Hey - Eggar's School

48. James Westwood - Eggar's School

49. Sarah Gibbs -Gibbs@perins.hants.sch.uk 

50. David Harding - Bohunt School

51. Jake King - Bohunt School - jking@bohunt.hants.sch.uk

52. Kylie Bushnell - Bohunt School

53. David Rogers @daviderogers - Patcham High School

54. Lynne Morgan - Swanmore College lynnedmorgan@hotmail.com

55. Linda Glennie -Eggar's School

56. Patrick Sullivan - Eggar's School 

57. Shelley Kintech - Eggar's School

58. Chris Legg - Eggar's School

59. Laura Stevenson - Eggar's School

60. Neil Waite - Eggar's School





1. Martyn Reah

2. Rebecca Higgs

3. Naomi Ward

4. Linda Glennie 













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