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IB Mfl teachmeet

Page history last edited by Diana 5 years, 10 months ago

IB MFL TeachMeet @ Headington School (Oxford)

   4.30-6.30pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

 Light refreshments provided  



What is the IB MFL TeachMeet about?


It is a relevant and short gathering for MFL teachers with a focus on the IB examination. Teachers will be able to show what they use in class and to share good practice for IB Languages (French, German and Spanish Standard and Higher Level and Italian ab initio). The idea is that everyone will take away something they can try when they go back to their classroom.  


Where is it?

Headington School
Oxford OX3 7TD


Telephone Number: 01865 759100 


What can you do?


You can come along to chat, listen, or meet new people. Or if you want to present there are two formats, a 5 minute micropresentation, or a 2 minute nanopresentation. Just add your name to the list below and turn up ready to speak on the night.

Any questions please email: dbonifaci@headingtonschool.com


Five minute micro presentations

(See below for directions on how to add your name!)


Add your name and what you may talk about below. 






List full? Feel free to add more numbers …!


2 minutes, 1 tool which you think is cool! nanopresentations 

Add your name and what you may talk about below. 











List full? Feel free to add more numbers …!


Enthusiastic Audience

You are more than welcome to come along and just watch. There is no pressure to give a talk. If you want to attend, but don't want to give a talk then please still add your name below, so we have an idea of numbers attending. There will be a longer session in language tables to discuss exam results and share good practice.


1. Diana Bonifaci - Headington School











List full? Feel free to add more numbers …!





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