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TeachMeet Reading (redirected from TeachMeet_Reading)

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‘Walking with two others, they may serve me as my teachers. I will select their good qualities and follow them…’ – Confucius This year we are honoured to have Mr Amjad Ali @ASTSupportAAli as our keynote speaker at TeachMeet Reading at Highdown School. He is AHT/AST at Cheney School in Oxford and the creator of the amazing Agility Teaching Toolkit: http://cheneyagilitytoolkit.blogspot.co.uk


The confirmed presenters are:

1. @hannahtyreman Learning and Development Manager at Reading College.

2. @basnettj Head of MFL – digital strategy to enhance learning MA in Dig Tech

3. @MartynReah Geography teacher and deputy head founder of #Teacher5aday


5. Dr Andy Love, AST/ITT manager

6. Cheng-Han Wu @wu_lao_shi, AST/head of MFL

7. John Connor @bootleian, consultant and inspector 5 min

8. CAN HAPPINESS BE TAUGHT?- Julie Hunter, Bradon Forest School @MsHMFL

9. Simon West, Gillotts School @sciencegillotts

10. PUTTING THE F WORD IN THE CLASSROOM: FUN!- Diana Detterick, Upton Court Grammar @msdetterick

11. Vicki Aldmington, Royal Society of Chemistry

12. Noel Wood, Reading college

13. PURPLR DIRT: MY REVOLUTION OF MARKING- Danielle Kohlman, Waingels College @kohlmand

14. MUSIC AMD MOTIVATION: Paul slater, cox green @slaterteacher

15. READING TO REACH THE 1 in 10: Ali McNamara, Highdown School and Sixth Form Centre @mcjubbb

16. THIKING SQUARES: Alan Parks, Highdown School

17. INBOXING: Glayne Simpkins, Cox Green

18. RAISING KS5 ACHIEVEMNT- a focus on exam questions: Ellie Atkins, Waingels College

19. CAN I LET YOU KNOW?- Simone Haughey, Robin Hood Primary Academy, @simonehaughey

20. Lucy Spencer, Highdown School, @MissSpencerDT

21. Marcus Leach, The Bulmershe School, @marcus_leach

22. Matt Chomicz, Highdown School

23. Vicky Aldmington, Royal Society of Chemistry

24. Lincia Daniel, British Universities Film and Video Council


Name School/College/University/Organisation Twitter Name
1. Krisha Gandhi School of Oriental and African Studies  
2. Will Jackson Emmer Green Primary School  
3. Tess Taylor Highdown School @houseof taylor
4. Grace Clements Oxford University PGCE  
5. Grace Landy Cypress Books  
6. R NSIAH Highdown  
7. Simon West Gillotts School @sciencegillotts
8. Rachel Eden Gillotts School  
9. Noel Wood Reading college  
10. Elizabeth Lamb The Misbourne School  
11. Laura Highdown School LPacker26
12. Fay reeves St Francis  
13. Liz Crosthwaite Desborough College/IOE  
14. Eve O’ Reilly The Bulmershe School eoreilly79
15. Gemma Laundon Queen Anne’s School @gemmalaundon
16. Eve O’ Reilly The Bulmershe School eoreilly79
17. Alex Beckey Reading School  
18. Cath Harden Reading School  
19. Kelly Bristow d’Overbroeck’s College  
20. Enda Mc Brien Reading College  
21. Liz Gregory Highdown  
22. Kate McCabe St Gregory the Great School @evenbetterif
23. Alice cox green  

Q&A: What is TeachMeet Reading? This is a free CPD event for all educators from all sectors- whether Primary, Secondary, Further Education or PGCE trainees! If you are travelling afar you are more than welcome to shadow me before the evening. I have INSET in my school already so what’s the difference? The idea is that practising teachers will be sharing realistic and practical strategies to be taken away and used in the classroom the very next day. It will be action packed with fun and pace and you can come either as a presenter or audience. The big picture is to make a difference in the lives of the children we teach so they can achieve their full potential. I’m tired after a long school day so what’s in it for me? Light refreshments will be provided and there will be prizes given out which are kindly donated by our sponsors: @memrise is giving away trendy T-Shirts. @twinklresources is sponsoring thermos mugs for primary attendees and a twinkl subscription. @brainpop_uk is donating a 12 month whole school subscription to BrainPOP (worth up to £799). @literacylender is offering a free LMYL portfolio as a prize which allows schools to have their own space on our site to share work: http://lendmeyourliteracy.com/portfolios/ and are worth £249. @ipevo is sponsoring  three document cameras (visualisers) including P2V document camera, IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System, Extension wand for IS-01 and 2 USB SuperCharger as prizes. Twinkl Logo Transparent RGBBPUK_Logo_URL_300pxLOGO_NEW ipevoMemrise_LOGO_RGB_72dpi


Please sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1_2LunLu6KlPcIDVuu9R2_B3A8BZCdyCOS8AeX3peHC4/viewform?c=0&w=1


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