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TeachMeet Bournemouth

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Corpus Christi Primary School

St. James' Square



Click here for map


The first TeachMeet Bournemouth will take place on

Thursday 26 March 4.30-6.30pm


Keynote speaker: Phil Bagge @baggiepr

Computing Inspector/Adviser HIAS,

CAS Regional Co-ordinator and Computing MT

Computing Teacher across 3 schools



In partnership with:






Teachers Building Society                Logo of Agile ICT Ltd





Kindly supported by:




         Schofield and Sims Logo       






TeachMeet Bournemouth is a fantastic opportunity for teachers to meet informally and share good practice. What is working well in your classroom/school? What can you share/take from meeting colleagues from other local schools?


Participants can volunteer to give a micro presentation (5 minutes) or a nano presentation (2 minutes) about something that is working well within their own teaching practice.  There will also be a presentation from our keynote speaker, Phil Bagge


This is a fantastic opportunity to meet colleagues from other local schools, swap ideas, and leave inspired! Plus...goodie bags (including a Twinkl thermos mug and a £50 voucher for My Live School services) for all guests. A selection of cakes will be provided by Ludo Lounge, Southbourne.


Charity Raffle

All money raised from our charity raffle will be donated to Kabanana Care (Zambia) and Children with Cancer UK.


We have a fantastic collection of prizes to be won in our raffle.


- Optimus Education training pack worth £200


- An Android tablet provided by TeacherTube www.teachertube.com


- A classroom visualiser and three superchargers from IPEVO


-  A free afternoon broadcast workshop inclusive of travel costs with My Live School (Worth up to £500). Pupils will learn and practise the basics of show programming, microphone technique and station branding before creating their own show and broadcasting live from school. The content of the broadcast is linked to any curriculum topic and allow for pupils to research and present knowledge in a fun exciting way.


- Signed copies of books from: Alan Peat, Pie Corbett, Russell Brown, Brian Moses and Sue Cowley.


- 2x Platinum subscriptions to Twinkl Classroom Resources.


- 6 month subscription to Digital Mysteries by Reflective Thinking.


- Family Swim ticket at the Littledown Centre, Bournemouth.


- Guided Reading books from Harper Collins.


- Selection of Schofield and Sims books.


- £50 voucher for Schofield and Sims. 


- Family entry to Farmer Palmer's Farm Park. 





4.30: Arrival with tea/coffee

4.45: Welcome and Housekeeping

4.50: Keynote speaker- Phil Bagge

5:00: Presentations Round 1

5:30: Break for refreshments (tea, coffee, cupcakes, networking!)

5:45: Presentations Round 2 

6:15: Raffle

6:30: End 


Want a ticket?


If you are interested in this brilliant CPD event, then please list your details below, whether you intend to present, or just come along to watch this time. 


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      2. Alternatively, send an email to jlucas@corpuschristi.bournemouth.sch.uk and your details will be added to the list. 



Presentations Please add your name, Twitter handle and title of presentation

1. Alan Frame, @HeadsDownEyesUp. Geo-Referencing- Gallipoli project 

2. Chris Francis, @DevNicely. The Dinosaurs in my Freezer!

3. Simon Lennon, @siddylennon. Hands On Maths

4. Holly Graff, @hgteach. Mali the Elephant Writing Project/Purpose for writing

5. Danny Neville, @championfootbal. AFCB Community- supporting learning in schools

6. Chris Waterworth, @ChrisWaterworth, (Virtual presentation). Pause, Rewind my Teacher: A Flipped Learning Approach

7. Rosie Reid and Lisa Lewis, @agileict, Cool Cats Coding 

8. Chris Daw, @cdawcs, Top Computing Apps for the iPad

9. Graham Andre, @grahamandre, (Editor of the Maths Shed website). A Shed full of Maths

10. Jonathan Mitchell, @MrJJMitchell. Computing with EYFS and Y1.



Please register if you are coming to the Bournemouth TeachMeet, though not presenting (on this occasion!):

(Please put your name and school.)

1. Matthew Lawrence, Corpus Christi Primary

2. Kerry Macfarlane, Corpus Christi Primary

3. Daniel King, Corpus Christi Primary 

4. Declan Goodwin, Corpus Christi

5. Fi Pye, Corpus Christi 

6. Kathryn Chinchen, Corpus Christi 

7. Milly Richards, Corpus Christi

8. Maria Courtney, PCP

9. Emma Millar, Kingsleigh Primary

10. Laura Kurtul, Kingsleigh Primary

11. Lucy Brown, Winton Primary

12. Edward Davies, Bournemouth School 

13. Alli Lofthouse, Winton Primary

14. Andy Waters, Shaftesbury School

15. Lee Dunningham, Corpus Christi

16. Rebecca Dare, Corpus Christi

17. Melanie Dare, Corpus Christi

18. Amy Stewart, Corpus Christi

19. Veronica Woodward, St. Walburga's 

20. Janie Allonby, Corpus Christi

21. Yvonne O'Neill, Corpus Christi

22. Katie Lewry, St. Joseph's, Poole

23. Tracy Treen, Heathlands Primary, Bournemouth

24. Karen Barrett, Corpus Christi

25. Ami McGuire, Chichester

26. Kathy Melling, Corpus Christi

27. Jill Turner, Heathlands Primary

28. Jack Wilson, Winton Primary

29. Mike Raney, Winton Primary

30. Sheila Nash, Heathlands Primary, Bournemouth

31. Drew Mellor, LCL

32. Phil Darch, St. Katharine's, Bournemouth

33. Julia Ebdon, King's Park

34. Sophie Fink, Poole SCITT

35. Hannah Cotterell, Poole SCITT

36. Kath Yapp, Corpus Christi

37. Dan Breeze, PCP SCITT. 

38. Anthea Newman, Buckholme School

39. Leigh Jelley, King's Park

40. Sarah Sparks, Christ the King Primary, Bournemouth

41. Jane Kelly, Poole SCITT 

42. Leanne Walker, Corpus Christi 

43. Sophie Mears, Allenbourn Middle School

44. Kerry O'Sullivan, PCP SCITT

45. Charlie Rhylee, PCP SCITT

46. Sarah Richardson, St. Katharine's, Bournemouth 

47. Mike Thompson, Lilliput Infant School

48. Jude Evans, Baden Powell 

49. Sarah Trevett, Baden Powell

50. Hayley Plummer, Winton Primary

51. Sophie Tanner, Bourne Academy

52. Maria Richards, In-finity Literacy 

53. Chris Nash, St Katharine's, Bournemouth

54. Victoria Casson, St. Michael's, Bournemouth

55. Jane Benson, Allenbourn Middle School

56. Martyn Gibbons, Corpus Christi

57. Caty Reade, Kingsleigh Primary School

58. Leanne Herridge, Kingsleigh Primary School

59. Alexandra Stevens, Heathlands Primary School

60. Sue Solly, Corpus Christi

61. Charlotte Sharp, Dumpton School

62. Sophie Bryan, Dumpton School

63. Holly O'Brien, St Mary's Middle School

64. Stephanie McDonnell, St James' CE Academy

65. Danielle Dimambro, St James' CE Academy

66. Beth Dodd, St James' CE Academy

67. Jo Cross, Sylvan Infant School

68. Sarah Breeze, St. Thomas Garnet's School

69. Steph Thorpe, Kingsleigh Primary School

70. John Maguire, St Peter's RC School - @StPeterComputes 


Please add your name above. (Max.100)


EatMeet @Ludo Lounge, Southbourne

Please add your name if you will be joining us afterwards for food and drinks at nearby Ludo Lounge. 

1. Jenna Lucas

2. Heidi Singleton

3. Kerry Macfarlane

4. Graham Andre

5. Declan Goodwin

6. Dan King

7. Martyn Gibbons

8. Matt Lawrence

9. Danny Neville

10. Lisa Lewis

11. Rosie Reid

12. Maria Courtney

13. Sarah Trevett




Jenna Lucas @JennaLucas81  jlucas@corpuschristi.bournemouth.sch.uk

Heidi Singleton @blueprintteach hsingleton@corpuschristi.bournemouth.sch.uk 



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