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Teach Meet Norton

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NORTON COLLEGE hosts a summer TeachMeet!


in partnership with Toshiba




Refreshments from 5pm - Presentations 5.30pm - 7.45pm-ish

“An opportunity for teachers to share creative and innovative practice,

practical ideas and insights into teaching

and learning”

The evening will consist of a KeyNote Speaker

followed by several short presentations.

Prize Giveaways | Refreshments available from 5PM


The evening will be hosted by Pete Jackson and Kerry Pulleyn





 RSVP TO PETE JACKSON OR KERRY PULLEYN : pj@nortoncollege.net / kp@nortoncollege.net


or sign up below


Prizes and Sponsors include:

Mini Ipad courtesy of Vision for Education

Triptico IWB subscriptions, courtesy of David Riley, Triptico

Book prizes - Alan Peat Ltd


Sage Publications

Crown House Publishers  


Keynote Hywel Roberts

We are delighted to welcome Hywel Roberts as our keynote. Hywel is Independent Thinking Associate, drama teacher and author of  acclaimed 'Oops! Helping Children Learn Accidentally.'  He can be found on Twitter @HYWEL_ROBERTS


Keynote Simon Carson

Simon is Deputy Headteacher at Norton College where he has worked for over 20 years. His areas of expertise include science education, pedagogical research and the use of data in the classroom. He is a former AST and is now a Fellow of the Institute of Physics. Simon is an engaging and charismatic presenter.


All the Presentations below are here.


7 minute presentations

1. Barry Dunn @SeahamRE - Conflict, controversy and challenge

2. Danielle Bartram @missbsresources - Making it all add up.

3. Lesley Ann McDermott @LA_McDermott - Engagement - Quick Wins!

4. Paul Wilson -@paulrowilson, Norton College - using images to make learning stick 

5. Kevin Carson @Kevin_Carson, Grammar School at Leeds - Learning Review

6. Laura Jackson - @mrsjacksonmusic - the benefits of our school's project week

7. Lisa Jane Ashes - @lisajaneashes - Communication and confidence



3 minute presentations

1. Jo Wootton - Norton College Post It Plus for revision  @JoWootton3

2. Karrie Latus - Norton College

3. Adam Laird @mrlairdatnorton - Active Engagement - Norton College

4. Michelle Dixon - Cooperative Learning @shellmanning Trinity Catholic College

5. Jenny Webb @funkypedagogy, Appleton Academy

6. Katie Hunter @TandLRyedale - Ryedale School - Self regulated learning

7. Ben Howard - Ryedale School - Assessment for Progress at Key Stage 3

8. Chris Sharples - @gr8ict - Lady Lumley's School - "Where to go for help with a rapidly changing Curriculum"



To Sign Up follow the instructions below or email pj@nortoncollege.net



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1. Anna Horwitz - Norton College

2. Jo Wootton @JoWootton3 - Norton College

3. Pete Jackson @petejackson32 - Norton College

4. Louise Clazey @CreativeNorton - Norton College

5. Adele Layton - Norton College

6. Kerry Pulleyn @KerryPulleyn - Norton College

7. Danielle Bartram @missbsresources

8. Lesley Ann McDermott @LA_McDermott

9. Karrie Latus - Norton College

10. Simon Carson - Norton College

11. Emma Dunwoodie @sunshineteach1 - Richmond School

12. Paul Wilson, Norton College, @paulrowilson

13. Dani Lancaster @MissMathsDLa

14. Adam Laird @mrlairdatnorton 

15. Michelle Dixon @shellmanning - Trinity Catholic College, Middlesbrough

16. Zoe Mather @zoemaths

17. Paul Walker - Fulford School

18. Anne Williams @agwilliams - Leeds Grammar School

19. Barry Dunn @SeahamRe - Seaham School of Technology

20. James Webster @ottgeographer - Norton College

21. Vicky Machen @MrsMachenMaths - Norton College

22. Hywel Roberts @HYWEL_ROBERTS - Independent Thinking and author

23. Laura Jackson @mrsjacksonmusic  Belmont Community School

24. David Bailey @class_leading Science Education Consultant 

25. Lisa Jane Ashes @lisajaneashes 

26. Katie Hunter - Ryedale School

27. Ben Howard - Ryedale School

28. Vicky Wright - Ryedale School

29. Mathilde Hazenberg - Ryedale School

30. Donna Wallis - Ryedale School

31. Kirsty Round - Ryedale School

32. Liz McGlen - Ryedale School

33. Carolyn Read - Ryedale School

34. Chris Sharples - @gr8ict - Lady Lumley's School

35. Lesley Abbey @PEteachAbbey - Richmond School

36. Stephen Logan @Stephen_Logan Malet Lambert Schools

37. Ken McCall @audiobluez Malet Lambert School 

38. Brian Davis - Lady Lumleys School

39. Barry Evans, Scalby School 

40. Hamish Harron, Scalby School

41. Nicola Goodwill, Huntington School

42. Annie Black - Cockburn School, Leeds

43. Fiona Campbell - Cockburn School, Leeds

44. Andrew Warner @andrewwarnerkms

45. Andrew Whelan @MrWhelan_CCW - Caedmon College Whitby

46. Rebekah Ricketts @bekahtweet, Norton College

47. Jess Waines, Norton College

48. Sue Hawes, Norton College

49. James Wigby, Norton College

50. Pete Kelly @computingatnorton, Norton College

51. Victoria Briggs, Norton College

52. Gemma McDonald, Norton College

53. Katie McGee @k8mcgee, Norton College

54. Katie Wright, Norton College

55. Michelle Britton, Norton College

56. Vicky Wray, Norton College

57. Mandy Enticknapp, Norton College

58. Trixie Roe, Norton College

59. Kevin Carson, Grammar School at Leeds

60. Jenny Webb @funkypedagogy, Appleton Academy, Leeds

61. Kat Stubbs, @Kat_Stubbs, Appleton Academy, Leeds

62. Katie Cooke, Norton College

63. Ben Brownlee - Durham School

64. Nicola Cracknell - Filey School

65.Heather Craggs - Filey School

66. Liam Roberts, Vision for Education

67 Lara Roberts, @picktreelara

68. Helen Gibson, Norton College

69. Rachel Ray, Langton Primary School

70. Tracey Hutchinson, Norton College

71. Andy Jackson, Norton College, @pathman67

72. Ava Rowlands, Norton College, @historysupremo

73. Stuart Beeby, Scalby School

74. Helen English, Scalby School

75. Steve Raettig, Norton College

76. Jess Purvis, Norton College

77. Emma Maksymowicz - Wetherby High

78. Fiona Dutton - Richmond School

79. Sam Bainbridge @beetlebug1

80. @leedsartteacher

81. Friend of @leedsartteacher

82. Becky Brown - rebecca.brown@grahamschool.co.uk

83. Heather Rippon, Barlby High School @foliofanatic

84. Phil McBride - Archbishop Holgate's School

85. Elena Larxe, Norton College

86. Lyndsey McKenzie, Scalby School

87. Louisa King @realartteacher

88. Emma Featherstone, Terrington Primary School

89. plus one

90. Carl Rawling, Graham School

91. Jamie Davies, Wyke College

92. Phil ??, Wyke College

93.Victoria Leat-Smith, Scalby School

94. Sam Triffitt, Norton College

95. Emma Lees, @emmalees9, Malet Lambert, Hull

96. Angela Tiernan, Scalby School

97. Nicola Hutton, Scalby School

98. Katherine Oldershaw

99. Amy Parkin - Durham School

100. James Ambrose - Lady Lumley's School

101. Shaun Atkinson - Vision for Education








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