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Teacher meetup 'making in the classroom'

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How does digital ‘making’ fit into the classroom?


Hosted every third Thursday in the month, this is our regular meetup for teachers and those in education. It’s a forum to meet, share and learn about the role of computing, ‘making’ and digital fabrication in the classroom. Hosted at Fab Lab London; a 'maker space' in the heart of London around digital fabrication and rapid prototyping.


This week event - Register here
* makers meet teachers and education technologists
* get hands on with Icanmake, Feynlabs, and Microbot
* laser your 3D print at the Lab
* touch and feel some 3D printable materials and biodegradable plastics


If you want to learn more about how new technologies can be used in the classroom or just a curious teacher please join in!

Drinks & snacks will be provided. The event is free, but please register.