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TM Wiltshire 2015

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In partnership with  

What is a TeachMeet?

It is an informal and enjoyable gathering of those curious about teaching and learning. Anyone can share great ideas they've trialled in their classrooms, a teaching resource they love, a great website, a classroom activity - whatever you like! You can ask questions or simply turn up to soak up all the great ideas and enthusiasm. Even details of a lesson that you were proud of!


The main part of TeachMeet is hearing stories about learning, from teachers and other education professionals. This is a chance for education professionals to hear ideas from each other, a chance to hear real narratives of practice that makes a difference. It is about being engaged and inspired by our immediate colleagues and gaining a whole bucket load of networking to boot!


The theme of this TeachMeet is Engaging Students. It's all in the name!


When is the TeachMeet?  

Thursday 25th June, 4pm to 6pm


Where is the TeachMeet?

Bradon Forest School 

Address:  The Peak, Purton, Wiltshire, SN5 4AT




What can you do?

You can come along to chat, listen, or meet new people. Or if you want to present you can sign up to do a 5 minute presentation in a format of your choice, or even just a nano-presentation of 2 minutes. You do not have to present but please sign up or email and let us know if you are a willing talker or a lurker.


How to sign up

If you're looking to sign up to attend or present, then add yourself to the list below (instructions for how to do this can be found at the bottom of this page) or contact Julie Hunter on hunterj@bradonforest.org.uk


Please sign up either to present, or simply be inspired, so that we know approximate numbers for refreshments. Don't be limited by the number of spaces in each section, just add another line! 


Five minute presentations:


  Title of session  Presenter  E-mail  Twitter 
1 Engaging starters  Steve Kneller   RWBA
Engaging plenaries  Helen Wilkinson  Bradon Forest   
Student Direction 
Iestyn Morris 
Bradon Forest
To be confirmed  Crista Hazell 
Severn Vale  @CristaHazell 
Happy students will do well Julie Hunter  hunterj@bradonforest.wilts.sch.uk @BradonForestSch
Engaging SEN learners Vikki Harper  harperv@bradonforest.wilts.sch.uk   
7 Authentic Learning  Katherine Fey  Katherine.fey@patesgs.org  @kattle9 
8 Film in the classroom 
Sophie Critchlow
9 To be confirmed  Claire Mangan     
10 10 Easy Ideas for Teaching Essay Writing  Liam Condon  Malmesbury   
11 5 ideas to engage students with revision Jennifer Howe  jhowe@malmesbury.wilts.sch.uk  





Two minute presentations:


  Title of session Presenter  E-mail  Twitter 
Writing good assessments  Sally Thorne    @MrsThorne 
Plickers  Dominic Salmon 


Acting on feedback menu  Ben Cobbold  bcobbold@stjohns.wilts.sch.uk  @B_Cobbold 


Those coming to be inspired and have fun:


  Attendee  School / Organisation  E-mail  Twitter 
1 Julie Hunter  Bradon Forest School hunterj@bradonforest.wilts.sch.uk @BradonForestSch
2 Steve Kneller  Royal Wootton Bassett Academy     
3 Helen Wilkinson  Bradon Forest School     
4 Helen Rogerson  Westonbirt School   
5 Ed Brodhurst Carterton Community College  Ebrodhurst@cartertoncc.oxon.sch.uk  @brodhurst
Crista Hazell
Severn Vale 
7 Ute Lappin  Bradon Forest     
8 Deborah Cousins  Bradon Forest School     
9 Lucy Chaston  St Johns Academy  lchaston@stjohns.wilts.sch.uk   
10 Alice Flook  St Johns Academy  aflook@stjohns.wilts.sch.uk   
11  Jacq Powell Malmesbury School  jpowell@malmesbury.wilts.sch.uk   
12 Sophie Hynes  Malmesbury School  sophie.hynes@malmesbury.wilts.sch.uk   
13 Sally Thorne  Matravers School    @MrsThorne 
15 Vikki Harper  Bradon Forest School harperv@bradonforest.wilts.sch.uk   
16 Katherine Fey  Pates Grammar School Katherine.fey@patesgs.org   @kattle9 
17 Sophie Critchlow


18 Andrew Morrison  Bradon Forest School     
19 Sarah Crumpton  Bradon Forest School  crumptons@bradonforest.wilts.sch.uk   
20 Iestyn Morris  Bradon Forest School 


22 Andy Matthews  Bradon Forest School   



Dominic Salmon 

Lydiard Park Academy     
24 Eileen Mochan  Lydiard Park Academy     
25 Claire Mangan  Bradon Forest School     
26 Natalia Fernandez Rus  Lydiard Park Academy 


27 Deborah Tucker  Lydiard Park Academy     
28 Gren Heathcote  Bradon Forest School     
29 Pierrette Sims  Malmesbury     
30 Sam Belson  Malmesbury     
31 Liam Condon  Malmesbury     
32 Andrew Hartley  Bradon Forest     
33 Catherine Lock  Seagry Primary School  clock@seagry.wilts.sch.uk  @unehorloge 
34 Gemma Scarisbrick  St Johns Academy  gscarisbrick@stjohns.wilts.sch.uk   
35 Ben Cobbold  St Johns Academy     
36 Hayley McLaren  St John's Academy  hmclaren@stjohns.wilts.sch.uk  @hayleymc2222 
37 Sarah Haines  Malmesbury    shaines@malmesbury.wilts.sch.uk  
38 Tom Beveridge  Malmesbury  tbeveridge@malmesbury.wilts.sch.uk    
39 Jennifer Howe  Malmesbury  jhowe@malmesbury.wilts.sch.uk    
40  Libby Davison Wadham School   eadavison@live.co.uk  @eadavison
41 Nigel Pyman  Malmesbury School  npyman@malmesbury.wilts.sch.uk   
42 Kaeren Coverdale  Kingsdown school  kcoverdale@btinternet.com   
43 Rose  Daniel  Bradon forest school     
44 Matt Brundle  Sheldon School     
45 Liz Manzi  Sheldon School     
46 Esther Cole  Sheldon School     
47 Christine Obiero  Bradon Forest school  obieroc@bradonforest.wilts.sch.uk   




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