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Education Network TeachMeet

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Raffle prizes:


A massive thank you to @animate2educate for donating 2 tickets worth £199 each to their conference at St James Park on 5th June.


Thank you to iRevise.com for dontating membership for both teachers and students.






What is a TeachMeet?

A TeachMeet is an informal gathering for those of us who are enthusiastic about learning and teaching and who are keen to share ideas. Everyone is invited to share approaches they have trialled in their classrooms, examples of good practice and to ask questions, or simply to soak up all the ideas and atmosphere.
If you have done something exciting with one of your classes recently or if you would like to come along and watch, sign up below and come along. Open to all with an interest in Teaching and Learning(both Primary and Secondary).

Engage on Twitter


Before, during and after the event make sure you use the Twitter hash tag #TMOscars to engage with us, share links and great things you see and like at the event.

What can you do?


You can turn up and learn something new, or share something you think others would benefit from. You can chat informally over a cup of tea, get up and present a two-minute presentation.



There is no obligation to present anything, but if you are interested in attending, please fill in the spaces below or contact Michelle. If you are interested in presenting, please contact Michelle Olsen – michelle.olsen@ednetwork.co.uk  (you need to register and login to add your name)


Who's presenting what?  

Our Compere for the evening is the wonderful @ShonetteBason


Keynote Primary - Rachel Orr @rachelorr


7 min presentations


1. @davisonPE -'Soundbites for Success'

2. @FeDuncs -

3. @LA_McDermott - Engagement 6 #quickwins

4. @mrsjacksonmusic -

5. @mrsmathia -Educational Selfies

6. @SeahamRE - Guess my Grade

7. @thembarrett - The YMCA of Teaching: 4 quick tips for success



Add your name below if you want to show a quick fire presentation.


2 min presentations


1. @SteveThursbyMA

2. Martin Bailey @animate2educate

3. Cherry Crooks @CheeseypopsC
4. David Ambridge

5. Yolanda Forster 



Enthusiastic Audience Members


  1. Nick Morgan NQT Maths Excelsior Academy 
  2. Jana Landkamerova NQT English Excelsior Academy 
  3. Lauren Monaghan NQT Maths Excelsior Academy 
  4. Radafina Nedyalkova Excelsior Academy
  5. Mel Cassidy PGCE Geography Excelsior Academy 
  6. Joanne Edwards PGCE English Excelsior Academy 
  7. Laura Jackson English Teacher Excelsior Academy 
  8. Radafina Nedyalkova English Teacher Excelsior Academy  
  9. Sophie Johnson 
  10. Katie Reynolds 
  11. Sarah Cairns English - Heworth Grange School 
  12. Siobhan Hart NQT D&T Excelsior Academy  
  13. Rachel Cooper NQT Maths Excelsior Academy  
  14. Mark Barrett Assistant Headteacher Hetton School
  15. Owen Inglis Assistant Headteacher Heworth Grange
  16. Julia Carr PGCE D&T 
  17. Demi Wilson PGCE Chemistry  
  18. Tim Owen PGCE Chemistry 
  19. Laura Daulby - Mortimer Community College (ITT Whole School Tutor/Mentor)
  20. Mark Farrer - Mortimer Community College (Head of Department – Culture)
  21. Anzelika Ivanova Westgate Hill Primary School  
  22. Ronnie Lynn - Kepier - @ronnielynn_ 
  23. Joanne Lisgo - Gosforth Junior Academy 
  24. Amy Ward - Gosforth Junior Academy 
  25. Sophie Law - Heworth Grange School 
  26. Clare Wells (NQT - Geography) Mortimer Community College

  30.   Christopher Armstrong (NQT - MFL) Mortimer Community College

  31.   Jennifer Melia (NQT - Business) Mortimer Community College
  32.  Evie Gray (ITT - History) Mortimer Community College

  33.  Sophie Johnson (ITT - RE) Mortimer Community College

  34. Kate Parrott Key Stage 2 Teacher Gosforth Junior Academy

  35. Matt Hall - PGCE Northumbria University

  36. Jennie Hynes - PGCE Northumbria University

  40. Lauren Mincher - PGCE Nothumbria University

  41. Ashley Endacott- Walbottle Campus

  42. Jenny Toner

  43. Michael Watson - Hetton School

  44.Rowan Ramsey - Hetton School

  45. Nicola Richardson

  46.Angharad Watson- Excelsior Academy

  47. Paula Mcdonald- Excelsior Academy 

  48. Peter Bakare - @peterbakare  British Volleyball

  49. Tony Marr - PGCE - Heworth 

  50. Gemma-lea Sewell- Shotton Hall SCITT (Belmont Community School) 

  51. Nadia Stevenson -Shotton Hall Scitt The Hermitage Academy 

  52. Peter Kaiser- MFL PGCE Durham University

  53. Lauren Orrick- Durham Univsersity

  54. Beatriz Garcia-Durham University

  55. Lee Hall - NSA

  56. Louise Hanna

  57. Ben Hudson - Shotton Hall

  58. Alice Redfern - Newcastle University

  59. Claire Maltby - Heworth Grange School

  60. Emma Stewart

  61. Ivano Salis

  62. Laura Carmichael

  63. Elish Gray









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